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All About Ally

Hey friends my name is Ally. I am a twenty-two-year-old, recent graduate of The University of Kansas. Upon graduating, with a degree in Elementary Education, I decided to combine two of my passions; teaching and traveling.

I am currently residing in the seaside city of Netanya, Israel as a 2016-2017 Masa Israel Teaching Fellow.

My goal for the future is to continue traveling around the world, learning about new cultures, and putting off the 9-5 for as long as I can.

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Tales of Adventure

My Personal Manifesto

•Teaching is not limited to the classroom with kids—you have the chance to teach everyone you interact with •Having others weigh in on your dreams is important, but always remain the loudest voice in your own destiny •Continue to live a dynamic life •The second you...

Trekking Back to The States (for a week)

If you happen to be someone that isn’t already aware (not the people I live with or the people I saw), I decided to travel back to The States for a week four months into my ten month stay in Israel. I did it for many reasons and I am so glad that I did. I had the...

Jerusalem Conflict Seminar

I am a little over a week late on this, but in my defense I fell deathly ill (bronchitis, sinus infection, and fever). I am all medicated and recovering nicely now so here are some of my thoughts on the conflict seminar that Masa Tlalim hosted in Jerusalem. Let me...